Powers Pen Company 

‚ÄčFountain Pen Repair and Restoration

Other Services

Celluloid crack repair  = $35
Cracked nib/bent nib Repair 
= $20 and up   Tine alignment, smoothing, improvement of ink flow = $20 and up
Waterman Hundred Year Pen barrel end 
= $60
Secure Cap bands
  = $25
Dent Removal on most metal caps 
Lathe work - repairs requiring lathe work are billed on a time/materials basis.  Minimum charge is 1/2 hour  
= $60/hr
Metal plating - write for estimate 
= $35 and up

General Repair Services

Full Restoration: Lever fill/button fill ie: Sheaffers, Waterman, Wahl, Parker, Esterbrook = $30 
Full Restoration:  Sheaffer Touch Down,  Snorkel - includes replacement of O-ring and Point Holder Gasket -  Snorkels are fitted with newly made point holder gaskets = $35 PFM = $45
Full Restoration:  Parker 51 
= $40
Full Restoration: Parker Vacumatic, WatermanInkview 
= $45
Full Restoration:  
Sheaffer and Wahl Vacuum fillers   Replacing the packing material with an OEM  0-ring, and fitting the plunger with a specially selected synthetic rubber washer.  The section threads are sealed using a sealant made to Sheaffers specifications = $50
* Note -  If the stainless steel piston rod is pitted or corroded, or the celluloid covered rods damaged, a new stainless steel replacement is an additional  = $10
Replace Packing unit in Waterman and related retractable safety pens 
= $60

Waterman Lever Box Repair = $60
Repair of  Pelikan and other piston filler pens 
= $35

~ Volume Pricing Available ~

New parts and workmanship guaranteed for 1 year